See you again

After watching the ant pyramids leaving the Fleurest, Epoh and Ant Granny decide to depart to search for Epoh’s real home.

Since the baby Epoh was brought to the Fleurest by the flowers many years before, Ant Granny has tried to discover where he actually came from. 

She looks for a flower to ask for the answer, but as the Muddies have nearly destroyed the Fleurest, almost all the flowers are dead. Both Ant Granny and Epoh are desperate. They sit on a rock and think about what they can do. 

When they have nearly lost all hope of finding their way, they see Lily The flower.  Lily is a family friend and has been helping Ant Granny to take care of Epoh since he was small.

Lily, the white flower, is even paler than before. She is dying, but crawls towards them. She raises one of her petals and points to the North.                                                    

Epoh runs to her and enfolds her in his arms. 

‘Auntie Lily, don’t go. Let’s drink water together again.’   

Auntie Lily is so happy to see Epoh once more.  She gives him a seed from her heart and closes her bud forever.    Epoh wipes his eyes and puts the seed into his own heart.

‘Let’s go, E,’ says Ant Granny.

Epoh places Ant Granny on his shoulder.  Looking for Polaris in the sky, they finally start their journey home. 


  • * * * 


Back in the Sweet Potatoes World, Mummy Mi Mi is busy preparing dinner for Daddy Tiger and the kids. The special treat tonight is double-chocolate with caramel. All the kids have 3 spoonfuls of ice-cream before they can stop!

As ever, Mummy Mi Mi clears the dishes.  As usual, she stands at the kitchen window after washing up, looking at the stars and enjoying a cup of tea. 

Suddenly, her heart starts beating faster.   It gathers pace and she can barely stand. Daddy Tiger is standing next to her and says,

‘What’s wrong?   Why are you holding your chest?  Sit down!’ He helps Mummy Mi Mi to the sofa where she reclines with relief.

‘Maybe the tea was too strong. I am fine now,’ she says with a smile at Daddy Tiger, who kisses her fondly and withdraws to his study to work.

Mummy Mi Mi tries to rest. but her heart is still beating wildly.  This has never  happened before.   

Suddenly, she feels as if a thunderbolt has hit her head. She looks up – there is a shadow, a shadow of An B in the garden …

‘Not possible,’ Mummy Mi Mi thinks. ‘An B is in his bedroom.’  She goes into his room to check.

An B is sleeping on his messy bed. He snores and wears a big smile.

‘He must be dreaming of no more homework for the rest of his life,’  she thinks. 

Mummy Mi Mi opens the back door to the garden where she slowly focuses on the vision that greets her disbelieving eyes.   She is barely conscious as her scream rings out through the darkness.   Here is An B.   A sightless An B, An B without eyeballs …