Mummy is sick

It is Saturday morning. Kara wakes up and says hello to the birds in the garden. She then goes to Mummy and Daddy’s room to give them a morning kiss.

‘Oh NO,’ Kara screams.

Her loud cry wakes up her brother and sisters. They run out of their rooms in bare feet to see what has happened.

‘Mummy is sick,’ Kara cries. She does not know what to do.

They all rush into Mummy’s room.

Mummy Mi Mi is lying on the bed. She has a thermometer in her mouth and is checking her temperature.  Daddy Tiger wants to stay with her. She says no as he has to go to work.

‘Mummy, are you OK?’ they just keep asking.

‘Mummy, I am hungry,’ An B says. He is sorry to say this, but he is really hungry.

Mummy Mi Mi takes the thermometer out of her mouth and wants to get out of bed. She knows An B is a nice boy, but he just cannot live without his breakfast!

‘Mummy, no,’ Super N says. ‘Don’t worry. We can make  breakfast for him.’

‘You?’ Mummy Mi Mi says and it looks liked a BIG QUESTION MARK is hanging over her head!

‘Yes, we can. Trust us. You just have a good rest.’ Super N, the eldest, goes to her Mummy and covers her with a blanket.

Although Mummy Mi Mi wants to make breakfast, she is so weak and tired that she can only lie on the bed and listen to what is happening in the house.   

In the kitchen, Super N is like a Captain ordering her soldiers.

‘You make the toast,’ Super N says to Kara.

‘You make the orange juice,’ Super N says to No. 8.

Both Kara and No. 8 rush to the fridge and try to finish their mission.

‘How about me?’ An B asks.

‘You just eat,’ Super N says in the tone of Mummy Mi Mi.

An B is so happy that he will have toast and orange juice but does not need to help!

Mummy Mi Mi stays wide awake because she can only hear the bang, bang sound on the kitchen table!

She calls out, ‘Are you all OK ?’

‘Never been better!’ An B replies in his loudest voice.

Fifteen minutes later, Super N, No. 8 and Kara show up in Mummy’s room.

Mummy Mi Mi is very touched by what she sees. Kara is holding a tray. There is toast and orange juice on it  AND there is a white rose, her favourite flower, too.  They picked it from the garden for her.

‘Where is An B ? He’s finished his breakfast?’ Mummy Mi Mi asks.

‘Are you calling me, Mummy ?’ An B replies with a muffled voice. He then jumps up and down into his Mum’s room. He is holding a coke in his left hand and a bowl of jelly beans in his right.

‘My best breakfast ever, Mummy!’ An B tells his Mummy with a big smile of contentment.

All, especially Mummy, laugh and share the toast and orange juice happily together!